Victor Aguiar Magalhães
a graphic artist based in São Paulo, Brazil

Imagine 2030
︎︎︎ Illustration

Imagine 2030 is an invitation to imagination and an investigation to reveal positive futures that can influence the choices we make today.

2030 is the ambitious deadline set by the UN for achieving 17 Sustainable Development Goals, in order to solve the planet's major problems. Since 2015, the 2030 agenda has been mobilizing governments, companies, social organizations and inspiring new projects. If it is a direct reference to a world we desire, it is also a reality that we do not know yet and that needs to be created.

Alongside with artists Paola Saliby and Pedro Veneziano, a set of 3 independent images was conceived to complement and help materialize the exponencial actions, the possible outcomes and the positive perspective endorsed by the project’s developers.

In the artist’s words, “I truly believe it is possible to make the difference on a daily basis. I believe in our full symbiosis with the universe, with the world, and with what we learn to produce from it, with the man-made. I believe in the importance of engineering and technology, and understand that the future shall be highly sustained, if not endorsed, by the machines; but if we are here today, we owe it to our ancestors, of flesh and bone, of thinking mind, of human race. And I believe, mainly, in the coexistence of it all, of the natural and non-natural, with affection, empathy, and guided by the concept of collectivity. The future that I forsee is a glimmer of hope, a positive and achievable reality, but one that is far from any utopia of perfection. As wrote brazilian poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade, ‘A flower has sprouted in the street!/[...]Its color is uncertain./It’s not showing its petals./Its name isn’t in the books./It’s ugly. But it’s really a flower.’”

The artworks were exposed, along with pictures of the project, at Paulista Avenue, in São Paulo, from August 19th to September 22nd, 2019.

Graphic design by Grade/Ralph Mayer and motion graphics by Arco.